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Olivia Wilde Is Receiving Major Backlash for Calling A$AP Rocky ‘Hot’ During Rihanna’s Super Bowl Performance

Even with the Don’t Worry Darling press tour long behind her, Olivia Wilde is still managing to be surrounded by controversy.

On Sunday, Wilde – who is newly single following her split with Harry Styles – took to her Instagram Stories to repost a video from Rolling Stone of A$AP Rocky filming his girlfriend Rihanna during her incredible Super Bowl halftime show. In the video, the rapper is seen smiling from ear to ear and it shows just how proud he was of his baby mama. Above the since-deleted clip, Wilde wrote, “If I thought he was hot before, this really put me over the edge.”

Since posting it, however, she received plenty of backlash from fans not approving of the way she talked about him. There were complaints on Twitter, which turned into a pile-on, and those messages must have made their way to Wilde’s inbox because she deleted the story. Shortly after, she posted on her Story again to clarify what she meant.

@oliviawilde Instagram

“For anyone who got it twisted,” she wrote. “It’s hot to respect your partner. Especially when your partner just did thaaaaaat.” Though we understand Wilde was just making an innocent comment, we also totally get that there were better ways to show our support.

If anything Wilde was posting to show she’s also a fan of Rihanna and her boyfriend’s love for her just like of all us. In fact, given Rihanna’s surprise pregnancy announcement during her historic 13-minute show, aren’t we all her biggest fans?

Wilde has seemed to move on from the controversy, focusing her Instagram content on love for Valentine’s Day and comfy pants. The actress and director shared a quote from John Steinbeck about the many forms that love takes along with compliments to the jean line La Ligne.

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