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Megan Fox’s Recent Social Media Move Has Fans Convinced She & MGK’s Romance Has Taken a Drastic Turn

So far, 2023 has already been a wild ride, from Miley Cyrus’ banger song “Flowers,” making us feel all the emotions to some seriously topsy-turvy red carpet moments. The entertainment world hasn’t stopped shocking us since this year started, and here’s another thing no one really expected to put on their 2023 bingo card: Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly may have broken up?!

On Feb 12, the Jennifer’s Body star uploaded a series of photos from her latest red carpet look that she wore to Drake’s Super Bowl party to her Instagram with the caption, “You can taste the dishonesty/ it’s all over your breath.”

Now, of course, she looks fabulous and ever-so confident in the cutout, plunging black look. But that’s not why everyone is freaking out. If the caption looks familiar to you, it’s because it’s a lyric from Beyoncé’s 2016 album Lemonade. And that’s not the only thing she did.

In the same post, we get a snapshot of her burning what looks to be clothes and an envelope, furthering fans’ theories that she and MGK have called it quits. Along with that, she deleted virtually every photo of them together from her Instagram, unfollowed him, and even followed his music rival Eminem.

Fans started speculating that something was amiss in the two’s controversial relationship when Fox uploaded a series of photos of them from the Grammys with an odd caption. In the now-deleted post, per People, she said, “Congratulations on being in the very small percentage of artists who have received a Grammy nomination. You have handled this process with a grace and maturity that I haven’t seen from you before and I’m so proud of you. Watching you walk in humility and gratitude, watching you grow into yourself and become a better man is an immeasurably more satisfying experience than watching you accept an award…This is irrelevant I guess but I will just never ever get over how beautiful your face is. I hope one day you’ll see yourself the way I see you. I love you, and I’ll keep this memory of you forever.”

The two met back in 2020, collaborating on films and one of MGK’s music videos before getting together later in the year, around June 2020. In Jan 2022, MGK proposed to Fox, and they seemed happier than ever until the past week.

Whether this is a spat or a sign that their flame is now burnt out, fans are feeling all of the emotions.

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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

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