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Britney Spears Might Be Struggling More Than People Realize After Family & Friends Reportedly Planned an Intervention

When Britney Spears was freed from her conservatorship in November 2021, her fans were relieved that the pop star was able to live her life again. However, the 41-year-old singer may be struggling more behind the scenes than anyone ever realized. 

A new report from TMZ indicates that Spears is not only dealing with her mental health, but she may have some substance abuse issues too. Her family and friends have been worried about her “erratic, volatile behavior” which has resulted in her reportedly “flying off the handle.” One insider gave the media outlet a very dire warning, “I’m afraid she’s gonna die.”

Sources also noted that Spears is not taking the medications she needs to stabilize herself and is, instead, ingesting meds that “hype her up.” Everyone is so concerned that they tried to stage an intervention on Tuesday at a nearby LA home that was rented by her manager. They were reportedly hoping to bring her there with husband Sam Asghari to meet with “an interventionist and doctors” to plead their case about her well-being. Her family and friends made arrangements for her to receive treatment at the home so she could have the privacy she needed to get well. 

Unfortunately, Spears reportedly became “somewhat aware” of the intervention and plans were changed. TMZ is stating that there is a small glimmer of hope to this story and that the “Gimme More” singer agreed to meet with a doctor on Wednesday and everything “went well.” Spears has been through so much over the last two decades and people want to see her healthy and happy. Let’s hope this is just a small bump on the road to better health.

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