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Behati Prinsloo’s Rare Comment on Adam Levine’s Cheating Scandal Gives Fans Insight Into Where Her Head Is Right Now

Alex Cooper, host of the Call Her Daddy (CHD) podcast, proved she’s got jokes with the teaser clips for this week’s episode featuring a certain famous Adam — and it turns out Behati Prinsloo is laughing, too.

The first of two videos posted to the CHD Instagram account featured Cooper somberly saying, “I have to tell you, I was a huge Maroon 5 fan and I’m glad that you agreed to sit down with me today and discuss the scandal surrounding the infidelity in your marriage. How many times did you cheat with women that you met on Instagram?”

She was, of course, referencing Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine‘s 2022 cheating scandal with Instagram model Sumner Stroh, which was major entertainment news for weeks while the infidelity allegations messily unfolded. Through it all, Prinsloo — Levine’s wife — maintained composure and has seemingly chosen to move on from the scandal with her tatted husband by her side.

While the first CHD clip intentionally led the public to believe Cooper may have been sitting down with the “Man Who Never Lied” singer himself, a second clip revealed the original teaser to be a stunt the podcast host pulled with her actual guest, Adam DeVine. The video elicited an “LOL” comment from Prinsloo, so it looks like — at least on the surface! — she’s taking jokes about her husband in stride. DeVine responded to Cooper’s original question about cheating with an enthusiastic “Zero times!”

Levine and Prinsloo, who have been pregnant with their third child for the duration of the scandal, have kept a low profile since the allegations surfaced, but they’ve been spotted together a handful of times, including The Shaquille O’Neal Foundation’s fundraiser in Las Vegas in October 2023. If we weren’t already convinced Prinsloo is completely, impressively unbothered by the entire situation, her blasé “LOL” says it all!

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