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Countess Karen Spencer Has Been Sharing Rare Photos Inside Princess Diana’s Stunning Childhood Home

Princess Diana was laid to rest at Althorp Estate in Northampton, England, which was the place she called home growing up. The property has been in the Spencer family for over 500 years, and now, fans from all over the world are getting an inside look at the gorgeous place, thanks to Charles Earl Spencer and his wife, Karen, Countess of Spencer. 

The countess is showing off wonderful details of the estate on her Instagram account, along with an official newsletter, website, and web series called Spencer 1508, which first premiered in October. She is a dedicated student of history after marrying into the Spencer family, even though she was a bit reluctant at first. “If I’m honest, I initially sort of rejected the full-time nature of this role,” she shared in clip about the unbelievable home. “I thought that this whole house was lovely, but that wasn’t going to take up very much of my time. I will confess that it has sucked me in.”

There’s a very specific reason the number 1508 was used in the title — it was the year John Spencer bought the property, and Karen even shows off some of the relics from that era. “Living here has just been one discovery after the next,” she explained enthusiastically. “Every day holds a new adventure, sometimes when I least expect it. Everywhere you turn, it’s just one incredible thing after the next.”

Charles and Karen feel very connected to the late Princess Diana as they named their daughter, Charlotte Diana, when she was born in 2012. It’s a way to keep the Princess of Wales’ legacy alive through the next generation and the incredible history of the Spencer home.

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