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Kim Kardashian’s Latest TikTok Has People Wondering If the Drake Romance Rumors Are True

Kim Kardashian‘s latest TikTok video was meant to let fans in on her daily skincare routine, but something a little more subtle caught the world’s attention — and it has to do with Drake.

In the video, Kim is seen washing her face and neck then applying an assortment of products from her Skkn line to her visage and decollete. Her eldest son, Saint, 7, even makes an adorable appearance at the end of the video, popping his head in the frame to give the camera a wide-toothed grin. But again, neither of these things got fans talking quite like Kim’s song choice for the video.

Set to Drake and Savage’s “Treacherous Twins,” the video’s audio repeats a line about Kim: “F—k what they say, 500 million out the face, feel like K.K.” The lyric plays over and over for the duration of the 34-second video.

So why exactly are fans side-eying Kim’s use of the song — and its single, very specific lyric? “Treacherous Twins” isn’t Drake’s only song that namedrops Kim. In 2018, the rapper released his hit track “In My Feelings,” and the woman he calls KiKi in the song is widely believed to be Kim.

Kim is also mentioned in Drake’s song “More M’s,” in which he raps, “Put her Skims on now she actin’ like she Kim.”

While she’s previously denied having a romantic connection with Drake, the two sure do enjoy referencing one another in a manner that comes across as flirtatious or playful at the very least. Fans are shipping the pair in the comments, with one TikTok user writing, “this song looping over and over is sending me omg” and another more explicitly commenting, “I want drake and Kim to give it a go.”

Kim is newly single… Only time will tell if KiKi really does love Drake.

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Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade at arrivals for Step Up's 13th Annual Inspiration Awards, The Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA May 20, 2016.

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