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Cindy Crawford Shared an Ethereal Nearly Nude Throwback Snapshot & We Remember Exactly Why She’s an OG Supermodel

Cindy Crawford was in a throwback kind of mood when she shared some stunning photos from photographer Sante D’Orazio’s collection. He’s known for dusting off photographic gems from his archives and sharing them on his Instagram page — this latest series of Crawford is iconic.

The second image in the carousel makes Crawford look like an ethereal mermaid floating underwater in a nearly nude pose. (See the photos HERE.) There’s only a hint of sequin fabric covering up her fit physique as she struck an angular pose that showed off every gorgeous curve. Her wavy hair floated up softly in the air as if she were swimming underwater with moody black and red lighting. 

D’Orazio is known for protecting his subjects and making sure only his best images see the light of day. It’s why he is particular with the fashion magazines he works with — and why he’s banned American Vogue from his list. He claimed in 2015 that editors at the magazine ordered him to hand over all of his film after he shot a cover for them. “I was like, ‘I can’t give you all the film; I’ve got to edit.’ . . . They insisted . . . I wouldn’t give it,” D’Orazio told My Town magazine (via Page Six).

“That was my first and last time shooting for American Vogue. If people edited my film, they’d pick the s**t stuff. If I did 10 shots, and there was one weak one, they would always pick the weak one, guaranteed,” he said. It’s likely why supermodels, like Crawford, have complete trust in D’Orazio when he’s behind the lens — they know only the best shots are going to be seen by the public.

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