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Prince Harry Reportedly Enforced ‘Loyalty Tests’ On Palace Aides That Left Them ‘Exhausted’

Since his bombshell memoir’s release in January, Prince Harry‘s past interactions with the UK media, royal aids, and the royal family itself have come under intense analysis due to the many grievances he has with each, which were detailed at length in Spare.

Valentine Low, a correspondent for the U.K. Times, shared her own thoughts with Fox News Digital, per Yahoo! News, claiming that the aggrieved prince’s “obsession” with the media led him to conduct “loyalty tests” on his palace aids as an attempt to ensure they weren’t part of the corrupt agreement between select media outlets and senior royal family members.

“If he had a beef with the media, he’d want [his aids] to pursue it,” Low claimed. She alleged, “They would often say, ‘Harry, don’t pick this fight. This fight’s not worth having. You don’t have to pursue every slight that’s been done towards you.’”

She continued, “If you didn’t pursue it with the kind of energy that he sought, he could question your loyalty. He wondered if you’d become one of them, one of the others from the other royal households who protected the institution … and not the individual.”

Low claimed that Harry’s paranoia was “exhausting” to his aides, but we can only imagine how he must have been feeling. We now have a much clearer idea of how turbulent and toxic his life was after Princess Diana‘s death thanks to what Harry chose to divulge in his book, we can’t imagine how exhausting it was (and still is) for him to practice constant vigilance, always aware of someone trying to take advantage of him in order to spin royal news to fit the dramatized, often untrue narrative.

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