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Sarah Jessica Parker Has ‘More Interesting Things to Do’ With Her Time Than Worrying About Her Appearance

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Nobody is going to change Sarah Jessica Parker’s mind about aging. A fan might criticize her decision for letting her gray roots shine through, but the 57-year-old actress is letting everyone know she just can’t be bothered with those opinions anymore. 

The And Just Like That... star told Vogue France that she refuses to budge from any pressure about appearance, especially as a woman working in Hollywood. “Nowadays, I don’t really feel any pressure, but at times I have the impression that others may be more concerned about my appearance, which is rather strange,” Parker noted. “Like the fact that I have wrinkles or white hair. I think there are more interesting things to do with my time, don’t you?” She has a point — she appreciates the way she looks, so that’s the only opinion that truly matters here. 

While covering up the grays might work for one woman, it’s not something that’s a priority for Parker — and she’s not giving in to sexist societal norms. “I just really can’t be the person that others expect me to be,” she added. Instead, as RoC’s Correxion Hydrate + Plump beauty ambassador, she’s keeping her beauty routine limited to as few steps as possible — something many busy women will appreciate. 

“I actually don’t test a lot of skincare products… I don’t waste time changing or adding to my routine. In fact, I sometimes get overwhelmed by products with too many instructions and steps,” she said. “For me, simplicity has always been the key. I have sensitive skin so if I find a product that suits me, I use it for a long time. I really do!” You have to applaud Parker’s authenticity when it comes to aging, she’s doing it her way and not caving into what Hollywood unfairly expects of women.

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