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Pamela Anderson Revealed the Phone Conversation With John F. Kennedy Jr. That Left Her ‘Blushing’

Though we would be completely starstruck meeting a number of celebrities, there’s something comforting to know that celebs can get embarrassingly starstruck too. In Pamela Anderson‘s new memoir, Love, Pamela, the actress talked about the moment that she got very, very giddy over a big name interaction.

The story happened in 1998 when she posed nude for John F. Kennedy Jr.‘s magazine George, per Hollywood Life. During the photoshoot, which the lawyer apparently “didn’t give up” to make it happen, he gave Anderson a call.

“He rang me at the shoot, apologizing for not being there,” Anderson recalled. “And I thought, ‘Thank God he isn’t, I’d be too nervous.’”

In the call, Anderson noticed how starstruck she was. “I was embarrassingly giddy on the call,” she wrote. “Making noises I didn’t recognize — some kind of squeal? I couldn’t get off the phone fast enough.”

“I was out of my depth in maybe my most embarrassing moment,” she continued, adding that he was “charming” and that she was “blushing” during the call. “He was way out of my league.”

It turns out that Kennedy tried to call again after that but Anderson didn’t get back to him. “I was too shy to call him back,” she admitted. Fair enough, we would have been in the exact same boat!

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