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Martha Stewart Reveals the Secrets Behind Her Skin Care Success at 81 in Stunning Thirst-Trap Snapshots

The fear of aging has always been a narrative pushed on women by the beauty industry, but Martha Stewart is proving that there are secrets to skin care that can work for anyone. At the age of 81, the lifestyle guru is proudly showing closeup photo of her skin and dishing the details on what she does to look so fabulous in every decade. 

We already know that Stewart is a master at thirst traps (don’t forget that sexy poolside photo), so we are taking any and all of her suggestions. (See the photos HERE.) What’s amazing about her stunning Instagram carousel is that she’s in the salon with her wet hair soaking in the sink — she’s giving us a slice of her everyday life. Of course, Stewart made sure to pucker up and show off her pink lipstick in case any possible suitor wanted to slide into her DMs. 

She revealed all her secrets in the captions, sharing that her “skin looks great” in all three image (we love a queen with confidence). “Un filtered. No face lift. Great derms my whole life,” she wrote while giving a shoutout to her dermatologists. “great diet. Great exercise and did I mention amazing facials.” Stewart admitted in another post that she feels great after “a mostly dry January and pilates.”

While not every suggestion may fit the average person’s budget, taking good care of your skin with sunscreen, a clean-eating regimen, exercise, and alcohol in moderation can do wonders for the body. If that has us looking half as good as Stewart in our 80s, we will take it!

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Paulina Porizkova

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