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Steven Spielberg’s Daughter Sasha Looks Like a Glamorous & Modern-Day Princess in Her New Music Video

Steven Spielberg’s daughter Sasha Spielberg has been making moves in the music industry for some time now (under the ever-so-cool stage name Buzzy Lee!) But the newest single from her upcoming album is something magical.

On Jan 28, Sasha shared a mesmerizing video from her new single to her Instagram with the caption, “My first single off upcoming album ‘Cinderblock‘ Is out everywhere today! ‘Cinderblock’ describes my search for foundation in a time of distraction. In this video, I want to achieve perfection: perfect video, with perfectly behaved dogs. Unable to achieve perfection (like in life), I distract myself with a seemingly productive task: clearing my browser history. This video may be my most vulnerable yet, as you’re about to see my real search history. There are like, ten ‘Do I have OCD‘ quizzes in there.”

See the new music video here!

In the video, we see the Licorice Pizza star singing her hypnotic voice as the camera pans around to see her in a sparkling, dramatic caped green look. She’s sitting on a stool, with her iconic brown wavy locks down as she holds a chihuahua (and prepare yourself, dog people, because she’s surrounded by a bunch more dogs in the room!)

Truly, she looks like a modern-day princess/ glamorous fairy, and we’re here for all the vibes.

In a previous interview with One Joint With, Sasha talked about if her stage name Buzzy Lee is an alter ego. Hint: it’s not (and she almost went with something that poked fun at her nepo baby status!) “It’s not really an alter ego, it just was a different name. I almost wanted to call the project Spielberg’s Daughter, because that was always what it said next to every single headline,” she said. “Buzzy Lee was my departure from that, I came up with a special name that means a lot to me and represents me. But I think Spielberg’s Daughter would have been so funny! I wanted to get to it first. Everyone wants to create a narrative for your life.”

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