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Jane Fonda’s Reason for Not Quitting Acting in Her 80s Will Have You Cheering From the Sidelines

There is nothing that is going to slow down Jane Fonda at the age of 85. She’s currently in remission after a cancer battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, keeps fit with the help of her fitness trainer, and has a new movie out Feb. 3, 80 for Brady.

If anyone thinks she has retirement on her radar, well, Fonda is here to tell you that she plans on going the distance with her Hollywood career — and her reason is inspiring. Telling The Hollywood Reporter, that she believes her acting helps draw attention for her love of activism, Fonda noted, “One feeds the other. I recently thought, ‘Maybe I do want to quit acting.’ I mean, I’m 85. But then I realized, my platform matters. It brings people in that might not come in normally.” 

Who could forget Fonda getting arrested on her 82nd birthday in 2019 after protesting climate change in Washington, D.C. It’s something she’s quite proud of, adding, “I was happy to turn 82 in jail because I knew it would get a lot of attention.” Fonda is making sure every TV episode and film count because the more she works, the more the media focuses on her personal activism — it’s a win-win for her.

Fonda is also thinking about her final act in life, promising that she’s “not scared of dying.” What she doesn’t want is a life filled with what-ifs. “I am really scared of getting to the end with a lot of regrets when it’s too late to do anything,” she concluded. “And when you figure that out, it instructs the way you live between now and the end.” Fonda is making sure her actions count, so don’t you dare tell her to retire anytime soon.

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