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Donald Trump May Be Facing ‘Fatigue’ From Republicans as He Heads to New Hampshire This Weekend

Donald Trump is working hard to recapture the magic from his 2016 run for president, but he’s receiving lukewarm responses from Republicans who supported him in his prior campaigns. It seems like his ongoing legal battles and constant sparring with everyone in politics has exhausted some of his voter base.

As he heads to New Hampshire on Saturday to drum up support for his 2024 campaign, Donald Trump is learning that he has a lot of work to do. “Donald Trump right now is a distraction for the Republican Party in trying to go forward. Donald Trump has run his course,” Hillsborough County Republican Committee member Brian Sullivan told Reuters. He prefers to see Ron DeSantis running for the GOP nomination, but he’s not even in the race yet. 

Sullivan believes the former president has too much “baggage” and doesn’t have “what it takes to win the White House again.” Ouch. New Hampshire is an important state to win over because good results in their primary often influences other Republicans across the nation to follow suit. Another former Donald Trump supporter in the New England state finds him too “polarizing.” Lori Davis added, “It’s going to be an uphill battle for him in this primary because of his divisiveness. People are tired of the drama.

However, people shouldn’t write off Donald Trump completely just yet. A Jan. 24 Emerson College nationwide poll still sees the former president leading DeSantis — 55% to 29% in Republican voters. That has to buoy his confidence quite a bit, and it’s likely why he jumped in the race so early. Donald Trump wants to keep that momentum going, even if some Republicans have jumped off the Trump train for good.

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