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Kate Hudson Reveals Which Past Costar Is a ‘Gentler Kisser’ & the Answer Might Surprise You

Kate Hudson’s decades-long career has seen the Oscar-nominated actress collaborate with a lot of talented costars. But there was a stretch of time in the 2000s when Hudson was one of the queens of the romantic comedy, and had some pretty handsome leading men by her side. During a recent installment of Vanity Fair’s lie-detector test series, Hudson revealed which of her costars is a “gentler kisser,” and we were genuinely surprised by her answer.

In the segment, which you can watch in full below, Hudson finds herself in the hot seat, answering questions prompted by her Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery costar Janelle Monáe. While on the subject of rom-coms, Monáe asks Hudson which of her former costars is a better kisser: Billy Crudup, with whom she starred in Almost Famous, or Matthew McConaughey, her How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Fool’s Gold costar. At this, Hudson couldn’t help but laugh. After some stalling, Hudson finally shared, in the most diplomatic response, her answer.

“I think Billy is a gentler kisser,” Hudson said of Crudup. “I wouldn’t say better. Definitely just gentler. It’s a more sophisticated version of a kiss,” she further clarified. Holding up Crudup’s headshot, Hudson referred to the actor’s kissing, shall we say, technique as “theater,” versus McConaughey’s “Longhorns.” Monáe added a few more of Hudson’s costars to the mix, asking what she thought of Dane Cook’s kissing in the film My Best Friend’s Girl.

“Oh, no…no. Canceled!” Hudson blurted out. But who is the one costar who stands hand and shoulders above these leading men? Liv Tyler, with whom Hudson starred in Dr. T & the Women. “To this day, we are like, ‘Why didn’t we go for it more with our making out?'” Hudson said. “She has the softest lips of them all…Oh my God, those lips, those Tyler lips.” We had no idea Hudson would reveal so many revelations about her costars in this video. But now that she has, we’ll probably never watch them the same way again.

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