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Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner Have Reportedly Dumped Donald Trump Because ‘They Don’t Need Him’ Anymore

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Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s very decisive decision to step away from Donald Trump’s 2024 political ambitions may go deeper than just wanting to spend time with their young family. Mary Trump, the former president’s niece, seems to think that the couple realizes that aligning themselves with his presidential campaign only hurts their high society ambitions. 

Mary made a very pointed statement to MSNBC on Sunday about Ivanka and Kushner’s choice. “Donald is definitely losing value in terms of the party, and in terms of politics generally,” she explained. “And Ivanka and Jared are legitimately wealthy people apart from whatever Donald is doing, so they don’t need him to the same degree they might have.” 

When he won the 2016 election, the duo made sure to make themselves indispensable to Donald Trump — which hurt their reputation, but also made them very, very rich. Mary thinks that they’ve finally realized how their time in the White House “damaged them, at least socially.” Ivanka and Kushner have “finally realized that they gain more by staying away from Donald than they do by staying aligned with him.”

The author of Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man also noted that it’s not just his daughter and son-in-law who have retreated from “Donald’s inner circle.” Mary added, “There is always a transactional calculation being made and a lot of people are making the calculation that it just isn’t worth it for them anymore.” This doesn’t bode well for his 2024 presidential campaign, which is already showing signs of the Republican Party not supporting him as they did in the past two election cycles. It might be time for Donald Trump to reassess his future goals.

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