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The Latest Harry & Meghan Trailer Forces the Prince William-Rose Hanbury Affair Rumors to Resurface

Besides the royal family, there is probably one other person who isn’t so happy about the latest Harry & Meghan trailer from Netflix: Rose Hanbury. With the second part of the series dropping on Dec. 15, the focus is going to be on how the palace protected Prince William while allegedly throwing Meghan Markle “to the wolves.”

Why would the royal family be “happy to lie to protect” William? Well, Twitter has some thoughts on this topic — and that’s where Hanbury comes into play. In 2019, a social media rumor began that William and Hanbury engaged in an affair while Kate Middleton was pregnant with Prince Louis. After a British media outlet published those details, William took “immediate legal action” to not only squash the InTouch story, but to also serve as a warning notice to anyone who dared to publish the allegations. Of course, this was at the height of the negative Meghan stories while she was serving as a senior royal member. Coincidence? Twitter still doesn’t think so.

The affair rumors have never been substantiated, so it only allows the gossip to fester even more on social media. One Twitter user wrote, “Whoops, the Rose Hanbury of it all. Worst kept secret in the UK. William and Charles are similar. They don’t care about their reputation enough to NOT cheat but trust, they will be outraged if anyone dares to call them out on it. Another noted the immediate change in what the U.K. media outlets were covering, claiming, “I was on Apple News the day the stories on Rose Hanbury broke. I witnessed the stories changing to stories about Meghan in real time. It was surreal.” People are coming up with receipts of old Tweets from that 2019 time period and reminding everyone that Kate used to be besties with Hanbury and now, they reportedly no longer speak.

The palace has kept quiet so far on the Netflix docuseries, although the second part seems more inflammatory toward the royal family than part one. They might be forced to confront some skeletons in the closet — which may or may not include William’s alleged affair. The royal family should know by now that Twitter never forgets.

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