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Fans Think Olivia Wilde Threw Not-So-Subtle Shade Towards Ex Harry Styles With Her Latest Fashion Choices

For a while, all eyes were on Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde’s ever-so-controversial on-set romance, with everyone wanting to know every detail about their relationship — and their shocking breakup. Back in Nov, the two decided to take a break, and reports have been coming out that Wilde isn’t as thrilled about the break as people originally thought. And her newest fashion choice may prove that things weren’t so amicable.

On Dec 8, the Don’t Worry Darling director was seen walking around in photos obtained by DailyMail, rocking a laid-back street style of black leggings, adidas sneakers, matching sunnies, and the coup de grace — a Strokes T-Shirt. Now, why is this shirt causing such a stir? Because many fans believe it’s a dig at Styles.

If you’ve been on the music side of Twitter, you’ve probably seen that many people are accusing Styles (specifically his single “As It Was”) off being a carbon copy of The Strokes’ musical style. One fan wrote earlier this year: “Is it just me or does by harry styles as it was sound like it stole from reptilia by the strokes?”

Another Twitter user wrote that they supported this possible sartorial shade, saying, “if I broke up w harry styles, i too would wear a strokes shirt a slay.”

However, just as many fans believe this is a bit of a reach, and that Wilde wouldn’t be so petty. One Twitter user said, “such a reach but if it’s not she so real,” and another added, “would a 38yr old grown woman really be that petty.”

While pettiness has no age limit, fans are split on whether or not Wilde is playing mind games. Only time will tell during their shocking break.

The two started dating in Nov 2020, but many people claim there was an overlap between him and her ex Sudekis. Between the on-set drama and rumors surrounding Styles and his former co-star Florence Pugh, the two decided to go their separate ways two years later, on Nov 2022.

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