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Jennifer Aniston Is Clearly Ready for the Holidays in These Rare & Goofy Photos

Whether it be a saucy, bikini post or a goofy video with one of her industry friends, everyone on social media pauses everything to see what Jennifer Aniston has to share on Instagram. This time, she’s making sure everyone knows she’s already in the holiday spirit this year!

On Dec 1, right when the first snowfall came into view, the Friends alum posted a bunch of photos showing she’s already fully into holiday mode. She posted a series of silly, adorable photos and a video to her Instagram with the caption, “Good luck to all the wooden Rudolphs out there 🎄👀❤️”

We can all relate to the first photo Aniston posted, the one of her hugging a humungous Christmas tree while she’s smiling in a chic gray trench coat. In the next few photos (and video), we see a homemade Rudolph statue made of wood and tree branches, which she gives to her two adorable pups! (For those that don’t know, she’s a big dog lover and currently has three named Clyde, Sophie, and Lord Chesterfield.)

Aniston isn’t the only one already in the Christmas spirit, with many stars already fully decorating their homes (we’re sure Aniston grabbed her go-to holiday candle for her decor) and posting their go-to films to binge all month long.

While Aniston isn’t the biggest fan of social media (recently calling it “torture”), we love that she gives her devoted fans as many updates as she can on her holiday adventures.

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