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Elon Musk’s Ex Grimes Shows She’s Still in the Halloween Spirit With These Daring & Elaborate Nude Photos

Elon Musk’s ex and songstress superstar Grimes just shocked everyone with her most daring photos yet. On Nov 26, Grimes shared a series of photos of her showstopping Halloween costume with the caption, “Never got around to posting my Halloween costume. MALENIA, BLADE OF MIQUELLA ⚔️🛡.”

You can see the photos HERE!

For those that are Elden Ring fans, you know exactly who Grimes has dressed as: the iconic boss Malenia, Blade of Miquella, and Goddess of Rot from the game. However, in true Grimes fashion, she decided to turn heads.

In the photos, we see Grimes in an ornate white helmet, holding a matching blade as she bares all, showing everyone her toned body and intricate tattoos. In the second photo, though, she leaves nothing to the imagination as she turns off the filter, showing her body and insanely gorgeous orange hair.

A few hours later, Grimes bared all again with this hypnotic nude photo with the caption, “Goddess of Rot.” You can see that photo HERE. And in this photo, she shows off her toned booty and glowing skin, rocking the same detailed helmet.

Truly, she just made everyone do a double-take with these Halloween snapshots.

Grimes is all about embracing her creativity throughout her art, music, and confidence. She previously told Vogue, “I think I went into this being like ‘I’m going to sign to a major label and I’m going to be a really big artist’ and all this stuff.” She added, “And in that process, I started being like ‘no’. I… literally don’t care if anyone listens to this shit. I just want it to be great, to be unequivocally just great art.”

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