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Kim Kardashian Dazzled in a Sparkling Bra & Matching Pants in These Throwback Birthday Pics 

Just because Kim Kardashian’s birthday is over, it doesn’t mean she can’t share gorgeous pics of her and her buddies from that topsy-turvy day. On Nov 21, the Kardashians star shared a series of throwback snapshots of her and her buddies having the time of their lives during her belated birthday bash last month. She posted the photos with the caption, “VEGAS BABY…ALMOST 😜 It’s all about the journey anyway.”

In the first two photos, all eyes are on Kardashian, who’s showing off her insanely toned abs and sunkissed skin in a sparkling silver bra and matching loose-fitting pant set.

Then, we get a snapshot of her and one of her buddies with white feather boas, followed by a snapshot of her entire birthday gang in their form-fitting ensembles as they pose in front of a pink and white private jet. We then see them all at In-N-Out, followed by a pic of the hilarious signs they made of Kim from the early 2000s.

We then end the throwback photo set with a series of showstopping photos of Kardashian in the same ensemble, looking like a dazzling goddess in the bold matching set. (We really love the last one of her throwing up the peace sign, looking like she’s having the time of her life!)

Now, Kardashian and her girl gang were originally set to go to Las Vegas to dine at Carbone and see Usher, but the weather conditions didn’t allow it, so they went and made the most of their time in LA for her birthday bash. And let’s face it, they got a great photoshoot out of it!

It just goes to show that Kardashian really knows how to go with the flow now, probably thanks to her newfound and killer confidence.

In a previous interview with We Are Supported By podcast, Kardashian explained how her mindset changed about being more confident as she grows older, saying, “As long as I’m myself and as long as I’m doing it the way that I want to do, like, you have one life and you’re living it for you. That taught me to just… be more confident in myself and truly not care as much of what other people thought.”

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