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We’ve Never Seen Paris Jackson Look So Happy & Thriving in These Gorgeous Fall-Themed Photos

While Paris Jackson always looks radiant, these new photos show she may be at her happiest yet. And we truly love seeing the “Lighthouse” singer so happy and thriving!

On Nov 15, Jackson shared a series of photos from her recent fall-themed adventures with the caption, “the most fun, all of the gratitude ♥️.”

In the first photo, we see Jackson looking radiant in an ensemble very reminiscent of the Matacomplex look she wore for her latest appearance on the Tonight Show, followed by a pic of her tennis shoes up on a window sill that’s overlooking the sunset.

After that, we see multiple snapshots of her and her touring bandmates having the time of their lives while playing in the red and orange autumn leaves, followed by a picture of them all looking like rockstars on a stairwell. We see a few snapshots of her rocking out on stage with her guitar, singing her heart out, and hanging with buddies backstage.

Jackson has been modeling since 2017, and is now making a name for herself performing on stage and screen in the following years. Ever since 2020, Jackson has been killing it in the music industry, saying her happy place is performing on stage. She told Variety, “There are so many different cool parts about being a musician, and performing is one of them.”

She added her dream career is “to do this for the rest of my life… Connect with other artists like this, and create like this. It just makes my heart so full. It’s that feeling like I’m exactly where I need to be, and I’m doing exactly what I need to be doing. It’s hard to explain, but it’s incredible.”

However, in another rare interview with Elle, she revealed that she hasn’t written any music in months but that’s only because she’s been in such a great place. She said, “Pain is probably the biggest inspiration, when I’m happy, I don’t really write that much. Actually, I haven’t written a song in a month or two because I’ve just been so happy.”

Before you go, click here to see the best photos of Paris Jackson’s red carpet fashion below:
Paris Jackson

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