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Victoria Beckham Makes a Spicy NSFW Joke About David Beckham’s New Hobby

Posh Spice? More like Saucy Spice, if you’ve seen her newest TikTok video!

Victoria Beckham joined her husband, David Beckham, for a foray into the English fields to check on the fruits of his new beekeeping labors. Documenting the excursion a bit like a wildlife observer on TikTok, Victoria says, “So, here with David whilst he collects his sticky stuff,” naughtily referencing the honey in various hives.

As David walks along to catch up to Posh Spice, she captures him from afar while saying, “He’s about to release his sticky stuff — his new batch of sticky stuff.”


The Beckham sticky stuff 😂🐝🍯 @davidbeckham (or should I say David Attenborough 😂) I rate it 10/10!!

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The soccer legend played along with his wife’s sexual innuendo, saying “We have good flowage, to be honest” while watching the honey run from the hive into glass jars. Victoria added to the saucy commentary, saying, “Look at it; it’s pouring, that one.”

As if Bex wasn’t keeping it NSFW already, she got hilariously dirtier in her conclusion. Holding up a full jar of honey, Victoria says, “So, I’ve got the sticky stuff. I’m just going to go and sample it. Let you know what David’s sticky stuff tastes like. I’m going to mark it out of 10 — I’ll let you know,” with a little eyebrow wag. Posh, we’re positively blushing!

Fans in the comments ate up the saucy moment, writing “Please let that be the product name!,” “Victoria doesn’t get enough credit for how hilariously funny she is,” “Victoria finally sharing David‘s sticky stuff with us,” and “if this isn’t marketed as “David’s Sticky Stuff” I’m not buying.”

We’ll be eagerly awaiting David’s Sticky Stuff hitting the shelves along with the rest of the Beckham fans.

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