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Brad Pitt is Coming For Tom Brady’s ‘Dude Goop’ Title With A New Skincare Line

Brad Pitt is making some seriously unexpected headlines this week, and today’s has to do with the fact that he’s launching a skincare brand. This announcement comes on the heels of his art gallery debut just days earlier, and now he’s apparently a beauty guru… Tom Brady better hold on to his Brady boxer briefs, because his dude Goop title is at stake.

Speaking of Goop, Pitt actually credited his interest in skincare to his former flame, Gwyneth Paltrow, during a recent interview with Vogue UK. “I love what Gwyneth’s done [with Goop],” he shared. “In fact, come to think about it, she was probably the first one who got me to even wash my face twice a day… Maybe,” the actor joked.

While he made it abundantly clear that he is not actually a beauty guru — when asked if he does gua sha, he hilariously responded “I don’t even know what that is” — he is excited to have co-developed Le Domaine with the Perrin family, who are also his partners in Château Miraval Côtes de Provence Rosé, the rosé brand he launched with ex-wife Angelina Jolie

Inspired by the same grape-based antioxidants in Miraval, Pitt was extremely hands-on with the concept and development of Le Domaine. Implementing an exclusive molecule into the brand’s formula, GSM10 “combines potent properties from the seeds of Grenache grapes with the seeds and skin of Syrah and Mourvedre grapes” to serve “as a powerful antidote to oxidative stress, which can break down collagen and contribute to the myriad physical signs of aging.”

In addition to ProGr3, another patented anti-aging ingredient, the “magical nature of Miraval’s soil itself” lays the groundwork for the natural ingredients in every Le Domaine product. The brand put sustainability at the forefront of its focus, with the line being 96% natural, vegan, and sustainable. All bottles are refillable, and the packaging caps are made of recycled wooden wine casks.

Although he may not be a proper beauty guru, Pitt did exude major confidence in Le Domaine’s potential success, sharing, “I know there are new products nearly every day that people are trying to launch, but if I hadn’t seen a real difference visually in my skin, we wouldn’t have bothered.”

When asked if he’d been brewing a skincare brainchild as a secret goal in life, Pitt said no, but again sang his brand’s praises, saying, “I get sent stuff all the time and… Ugh. It’s just all the same for me. But this last year we have been testing Le Domaine and I was really surprised by the results, and that for me, made it worth going forward.”

Le Domaine sets itself apart from other skincare lines in more ways than implementing exclusive ingredients and taking a sustainable approach. The brand is also genderless, with Pitt saying “I believe in being all-inclusive as much as possible,” continuing, “We kept the smell very neutral, very fresh, and very, very subtle.” The branding is also masculine while looking chic and luxurious, appealing to women without scaring off men.

If there’s one thing Pitt isn’t trying to represent with his role in Le Domaine, it’s the idea of a need for anti-aging. The multi-faceted star said, “[Anti-aging is] ridiculous. It’s a fairytale. But what is real is treating your skin in a healthy manner… I think that we’re learning that if we love ourselves, if we treat ourselves a little better, then there are long-lasting benefits to that. So just age healthy, age in a healthy manner.” Wise words from actor, director, producer, wine-maker, sculptor, and (almost) beauty guru, Brad Pitt.

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