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Drew Barrymore Humbles This Actor’s Choice To Be Abstinent for 6 Months by Revealing She Could Easily Go That Long

There are so many reasons why we love Drew Barrymore, from her spunky attitude to her super-wholesome posts on Instagram (not to mention her insanely good skincare picks!) She truly is a star we can never get enough of, especially when it comes to her super-blunt humor on her hit show The Drew Barrymore Show

Recently, Oscar-nominated actor Andrew Garfield revealed he’d taken on a specific method acting choice of abstaining from sex for six months to prepare to play a priest in the upcoming film Silence.

While many seemed impressed by either the act or the honesty, Barrymore honestly didn’t understand the big idea. She even joked about it on her show, saying per Variety, “What’s wrong with me that six months doesn’t seem like a very long time? I was like, ‘Yeah, so?’”

“I mean we buried the lead there; that’s the headline, ‘Drew can go six months, no big deal,'” her co-host Ross Matthews said. To which Barrymore corrected him saying, “Oh, years.”

Literally, everyone laughed at her blunt comment! And it’s a fair criticism considering so many people go longer than that (even Barrymore herself by the sounds of that comment!)

Barrymore has been very open about everything in her past and present, revealing tidbits here and there on her daytime show, especially about love and sex. From revealing she’s had sex in a car to which lighting she prefers, she really is an open book.

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