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Paulina Porizkova Shares Joyful Bikini Photo & Her Newfound Dedication to ‘Living in the Now’

Paulina Porizkova is starting our week on the right foot with a healthy dose of joyful inspiration. The model took to Instagram to share a carefree bikini photo, but not just your regular ‘ole posed swimsuit pic — Porizkova is seen literally jumping for joy on a trampoline with a beautiful blue sky behind her, arms outstretched in pure happiness. While her photo is buoyant and real as always, her caption is where the heart of her message lies.

Musing on a beautiful weekend shared with her loved ones, Porizkova wrote, “It dawned on me how much time I spend living in the past and the future” in contrast to how much time she spends living in “the now.” She clarified that she’s not one to live solely in the present, continuing, “I’d call thinking about the future ‘hope’ and thinking about the past ‘introspection,'” coming to the conclusion that “Both keep me from living in the present.”

Her conclusion? A little Monday wisdom: “I’m working towards a better balance. Starting today.”

Porizkova is known for her raw and honest Instagram photos and musings on aging, mental health, womanhood, and more. Today’s wise and inspiring post is just the latest to grace her grid — other recent thoughts of hers have included feelings of sexiness being tied to fertility, her grief over Ric Ocasek’s death, and feeling the lowest about herself at a time when society would assume she felt the best about herself. If there’s one thing you can always count on from Porizkova, it’s an honest take on what she’s learned over the course of her life and how that’s affecting the way she chooses to live today.

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