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King Charles Embraced His Status as Monarch With This Note to the Late Queen

During Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral, King Charles III made a touching tribute to his late mother while fully embracing his new role as reigning monarch.

The new King designed a floral wreath for his mother’s funeral casket, which was thoughtfully comprised of the same types of flowers from Queen Elizabeth’s wedding to Prince Philip. Along with the blooming wreath, Charles included a handwritten note that read “In loving and devoted memory. Charles R.”

Standing for “rex,” the “R” in Charles’ signature means “king” in Latin. During her reign, Queen Elizabeth was known to sign her name with “regina,” which means “queen” in the old language.

In other shows of embracing his long-awaited role in the royal family, Charles made his first speech to the public in which he extended an olive branch to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle; he and Queen Camila took to their thrones in Westminster Hall, and the new King even got his first minor scandal out of the way when he set Twitter ablaze with his treatment of royal staff members.

As for what happens next after the Queen is officially laid to rest, a period of mourning will resume for a year following Queen Elizabeth’s passing as a sign of respect for her lifelong dedication to serving as the leader of the UK and Commonwealth countries. While King Charles will wear the crown and assume all monarch responsibilities going forward, his coronation ceremony will not take place until the period of mourning for the Queen has passed.

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