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Paulina Porizkova Reminisces About the First Time She Saw Ric Ocasek on the Anniversary of His Death

On the third anniversary of Ric Ocasek’s death, Paulina Porizkova admitted that she’s still grieving. Her grief looks a bit different from three years ago because now she’s able to sweetly reminisce about the first time she ever saw The Cars frontman.

She shared a clip on Instagram of his music video for the single, “Something to Grab For,” and how she felt when she watched MTV late at night in 1984. “This video came on, and I was – spellbound,” she wrote. It was Ocasek’s “turquoise” eyes “like the shallows of a Caribbean ocean” that caught her attention, but it was his smile that made her fall in love. “The hint of a smile that knocked me off my feet,” Porizkova gushed. “But that smile, that fraction of an almost apologetic smile, the uncertain smile of a boy, is what punctured me. I sat glued to the Tv, hoping for more.”

It’s a tender memory for the 57-year-old supermodel because their paths would eventually cross in real life when she was cast in The Cars’ video for “Drive.” “Little did I know then, that only a few months later, that smile would be mine. It would be for me. It would be mine for thirty years,” she said wistfully. They were married for 28 years and had two sons, Jonathan, 28, and Oliver, 24. Even though they separated in 2018, the couple still lived together up until his death in 2019. That last year was very complicated for the duo, but still, Porizkova loved Ocasek.

“I still miss you. I still cry when I think of you. I still cry when I speak of you,” she wrote. “I hope I always will.” Through their relationship’s ups and downs, the thing that endured the most for Porizkova is love.

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