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Leonardo DiCaprio & Gigi Hadid Looked Smitten In First Photos Since Romance Rumors

It looks like Leonardo DiCaprio really has broken his 25-year dating rule. In the wake of speculation about a potential romance brewing with Gigi Hadid, the pair were photographed together in New York City looking quite smitten, if we do say so.

Attending an exclusive party at Manhatten’s Casa Cipriani, Hadid and DiCaprio were seen leaning in close to one another to chat. The photos, captured by The Daily Mail, accompanied reports that DiCaprio was seen putting his hands on Hadid’s shoulders, as well as the couple potentially holding hands at one point.

DiCaprio recently split with model Camila Morrone shortly after her 25th birthday, fueling rumors of his 25 rule even further. However, the Hollywood icon seems to have moved on quickly to Hadid, who is notably 27 years old. Not only is she the first person he’s dated who’s older than 25, but she’s also the first mother he’s taken a romantic interest in.

While Hadid is slightly older than DiCaprio’s preferred age, there’s still a 20-year age gap between the new famous flames. A source recently told Page Six the two are “taking it slow” and have been “mostly hanging out with groups,” although they’ve gone “solo a handful of times.”

The source added, “[DiCaprio] is not someone who is in-and-out of relationships. He doesn’t jump around hooking up. They are taking it slow.”

Hadid and DiCaprio have known each other for a few years and were first photographed together in 2019. Although they’ve been acquainted since then, their relationship has not taken on a romantic air until now.

Either Hadid is a really special catch (she is multi-talented and gorgeous, so yes, definitely a catch), or DiCaprio’s mythical 25 rule is just that — a myth.

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