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Martha Stewart Shares Another Flawless Thirst Trap in New Topless Ad

Martha Stewart is looking and feeling fabulous as ever at 81 years old, taking to Instagram to share a Green Mountain Coffee ad wearing nothing but a kitchen apron — and we are so wildly here for it.

The lifestyle maven is no stranger to posting iconic thirst traps, and this cheeky video is only her latest. Holding a mug of coffee in her fall-decorated kitchen, Stewart nonchalantly says, “Oh, hi there,” as if we all just stumbled in — which, we sort of did, because Martha Stewart going topless on Instagram was not on our bingo card for the day. She continued to promote the java brand, which we admittedly had a hard time focusing on with her toned shoulders on display. Her witty banter unfolded with her joking, “I’m just enjoying the natural flavor of Pumpkin Spice. From Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and nothing else, usually. Just look at this, a thing of natural beauty — no, no, no, not me.”

She continued her verbal thirst trap, saying “My Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Pumpkin Spice coffee, it’s made with natural flavors. That means they’ve stripped away the artificial and left nothing but goodness… What can I say, we have a lot in common,” as she leaned into the camera with a coy smirk.

Stewart set the internet on fire with the ad, with Ellen Pompeo commenting “Day Made” alongside a fire emoji, and other Instagram commenters writing, “Martha you have killer shoulders,” “Oop I know that’s right Ms. Martha!,” and “break the internet, martha.”

The seemingly ageless icon told The New York Times her stunning looks are the product of a great skincare routine and non-invasive procedures, sharing plastic surgery has never been for her. If drinking Green Mountain Coffee and slapping on our skincare daily is the key to looking and feeling ultra sexy in our 80s like our queen Martha, sign us up.

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