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Michelle Branch Opens Up About Processing Her Tumultuous Divorce While Debuting an Album She Made With Her Ex

Michelle Branch has had a rough couple of months with a pending divorce from Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney and headlines she would rather not have her name attached to. However, she is plowing forward with the promotion of her latest album, The Trouble With Fever, which her ex-husband helped write.

She and Carney were only married for three years, and the union produced two children, four-year-old son Rhys, and daughter Willie, seven months — she also has a 17-year-old daughter, Owen, from her first marriage to Teddy Landau. However, the last few weeks have been brutal after she revealed in a now-deleted tweet in early August that she was separating from her husband due to his infidelity. That announcement was followed later that day by a misdemeanor domestic violence charge against her for allegedly hitting Carney (the charges have since been dropped).

Despite the alleged betrayal, Branch looks lovingly at the process of creating this album during the pandemic lockdown period — it’s a moment in time that she still cherishes. “While things have recently changed drastically for my family, I’d like to recognize that special creative time we had together in our bubble during 2020 and 2021,” she wrote in a press release, via Billboard magazine. She also appreciates that the album’s release and her upcoming tour are “the best distraction ever” for mending her broken heart. “I think if I didn’t have this record coming out, I would probably be in bed crying all day,” she shared with the media outlet.

What makes this difficult time one of major individual growth is that Branch has the opportunity to get “reacquainted” with herself and “without a partner.” The moment is bittersweet because she is excited about the creativity ahead but sad about what she’s lost in her split with Carney. “I’m weirdly looking more forward to it now than I probably was, like, two months ago,” she admitted. “Because I’m like, ‘Yeah, this feels good. I need this for my heart.'” Branch is hoping that her music and fans will help heal those wounds.

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