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Adele’s Emmys Instagram Snapshot Might Give Away a Major Clue That She’s Married to Boyfriend Rich Paul

Adele shared exciting news over the weekend that she won her first Emmy and she’s on her way to EGOT status (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) — she just needs that “T” to complete her mission. In her celebratory Instagram post, the “Easy On Me” singer showed off her golden statuette while also possibly revealing something very personal about her relationship status.

The adorable selfies with her trophy were fabulous, but it was the final snapshot in the carousel that has everyone buzzing. Did Adele just reveal that she’s married to boyfriend Rich Paul? Just behind her Emmy is a big coffee table book that reads, “The Paul’s.” Despite the typo on the name, that sure feels like something a married couple would do. If they were just boyfriend and girlfriend, don’t you think the title would be, “Adele and Rich?” We also have to remember that Adele showed up to the Brit Awards in February with a massive diamond ring on that finger — and it sure sparked a conversation about an engagement. 

In the comments under her post, eagle-eyed fans started asking Adele if she might have other news to share. “The Paul’s”  is you married?” one follower wrote. “I spotted that too…,” responded another Instagram account. Some seem to think it isn’t a book, but some type of table game like Mahjong or Dominoes, and they, of course, mentioned the grammatical error, adding, “that money for a fancy game and a punctuation error.” Adele has stayed silent about the marriage comments on her post, but she did talk in circles when she was asked about their relationship in her September 2022 ELLE interview.

Well, I’m not married. I’m not married,” Adele explained, “I’m not engaged. I just love high-end jewelry, boy!” OK, that might clear it up for now, but perhaps she’s just keeping Paul and their married-not-married secret to herself… unless the fans figure it out first.

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