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Kim Kardashian Fans Genuinely Didn’t Recognize Her on This Bleached-Blonde Interview Cover

Kim Kardashian has been living it up as a blonde ever since she debuted her Marilyn Monroe Met Gala look. Her latest magazine cover for Interview might just take that “blondes have more fun” idea to the extreme though, because her fans don’t even recognize her.

Wearing a jockstrap with her jeans pulled down — and her famous butt on display — you have to do an absolute double (or triple) take to see if it’s actually the reality star we all know. (See the photo HERE.) The feathered Farrah Fawcett hair and the bleached brows make her look like an entirely different person. Is that really Kim or is it someone who sort of looks like the SKIMS founder (and we mean sort of)?

Fans chimed in under the 41-year-old star’s Twitter post questioning the photo styling for the cover shoot. One fan wrote, “i normally love Kim’s pics but dese not ittt!” Another added, “Beautiful pics but don’t look like Kim Kardashian.” Our favorite tweet has to be the follower who called in for backup on this look, chiming in, “@KrisJenner FIX THIS!” The momager is probably OK with Kim having some fun with fashion — it’s an editorial style normally reserved for supermodels, so it’s quite the compliment to be able to shoot such an edgy cover.

Kim probably doesn’t care what everyone thinks since she had high praise for photographer Nadia Lee Cohen. “She’s the first photographer that I’ve really gone full force with,” Kim said in her interview. “The team was like, ‘No jockstrap.’ And I’m like, ‘Come on. This is what I do.’ I do best when I’m ignoring them and doing what I want. So, I’m glad we did it.” Kim got to explore a different side of herself, and she enjoyed it, which is the only opinion that matters.

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