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Is Harry Styles Spitting on Chris Pine in This Video From Don’t Worry Darling’s Venice Premiere?

For a movie titled Don’t Worry Darling, there’s been a great deal of things to be worried about for director Olivia Wilde, and the latest is a viral video of what appears to be Harry Styles spitting on Chris Pine. Yep, you read that right: Upon taking a seat next to Pine at the Venice Film Festival premiere of the movie, Styles seems to lean over Pine, spit a loogie, and nonchalantly sit down, settling into his seat like nothing is amiss.

If that were all to the story, it would be easy to dismiss the speculated incident as a trick of the eye. However, Pine and Wilde’s reactions caught on video have the public doubling down on their insistence that Styles did indeed spit on his co-star.

Pine is clapping as Styles makes his way to his seat, and right at the moment when the speculated spitball hits Pine’s lap, the actor freezes mid-clap to stare at his trousers, absorbing what just happened with mild disbelief on his face and in his body language, before chuckling and recomposing himself.

Wilde transitions from a polite clap for her alleged beau as he walks to his seat to a muted expression of annoyance and a pointed look at Styles that says “You’ve got to be kidding me right now.” It’s subtle enough that you just might miss it if you weren’t analyzing the video on replay with hawk eyes like us and the rest of the world at the moment, but it’s there.

Styles, for his part, ignores both Pine and Wilde, gives a terse wave and head nod in the general direction of others in the theater, and the video footage ends — leaving us with so many questions.

While most of the world is reeling in major confusion, Styles’ fans have quickly come to his defense. During the press conference for the film prior to its premiere, Pine seemed to be totally zoned out — so much so that the internet is joking that he was “astral projecting.” He was also seen making uncomfortable eye contact with cameras during the conference, acting like an Instagram husband for Pugh on the red carpet, and putting his sunglasses on as the lights faded at the start of the film — creating an argument that his “spit” reaction was just another instance of him zoning out and being weird as he had been basically all day.

As if all of that wasn’t strange enough, Pugh also skipped the film’s press conference and appeared to avoid making eye contact with Wilde the entire evening, and Styles and Nick Kroll shared an enthusiastic kiss on the lips during a standing ovation for Don’t Worry Darling. The entire evening was pure chaos for the production, which isn’t exactly surprising at this point, as the Venice Film Festival mayhem follows Wilde’s drama with Shia LaBeouf and speculated fallout with Florence Pugh. Darling, perhaps it is indeed time to start worrying.

Before you go, see this slideshow showing photos of the drama-filled ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Venice premiere.

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