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Serena Williams Had to Remind a Reporter She’s a ‘Pretty Good Player’ After US Open Win

Widely known as the greatest female tennis player of all time, Serena Williams had to remind a reporter of her legendary status at this year’s U.S. Open — which she did with chuckle-worthy swagger.

After her victory on Wednesday evening, Williams was asked during her post-game interview if she was “surprised with herself, with her level at the moment,” to which she paused and responded, “What?” The reporter, who you can tell has already realized she’s made a grave mistake, repeats in a smaller voice, “Suprised with yourself, with the level.” Williams stares her down and gives a cheeky grin, then begins to belly laugh at the reporter’s audacity.

With both Williams and the spectators laughing at this point, the reporter says, “No, I know…” and awkwardly joins in the laughter herself, while Williams says, “I mean… I’m just Serena, you know,” with a nonchalant shrug and a playful eyeroll.

With another mischievous shrug of the shoulders and chuckle, Williams continued to remind the reporter that she’s “a pretty great player” — you know, just a casual 23 Grand Slams to her name. Addressing anyone’s surprise at her win even further, Williams explained, “This is what I do best. I love a challenge. I love rising to the challenge. Yeah, I haven’t played many matches, but I’ve been practicing really well.”

The reporter’s doubt in Williams’ abilities comes after the tennis great lost a few matches prior to the U.S. Open, but Williams assured her that everything is coming together for her now.

Celebs in attendance included her sister, Venus, as well as Zendaya, Seal, Spike Lee, Anthony Anderson, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Carmelo Anthony, Tiger Woods, and more. On Thursday, Williams will hit the court with her sister for a doubles match, and on Friday, she’ll compete against Australia’s Ajla Tomljanović for her third-round match. This will be her final U.S. Open, as she’s announced she will retire from the sport at the end of this year.

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