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Jennifer Lopez ‘Can’t Get Enough’ of Husband Ben Affleck in Choreographed Wedding Performance

Just when you thought the second wedding of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck was done, new footage leaks from their reception — and it’s really adorable. It seems that when you marry a triple threat like J.Lo, you should expect a musical number or two after your nuptials.

Wearing her third look, the Ralph Lauren chandelier-of-pearls gown, Lopez took centerstage as Affleck watched her perform an original song — complete with choreographed dance moves. (See the TMZ video HERE.) She sang “Can’t Get Enough” to Affleck, who blushed and smiled as his bride sang directly to him while her backup dancers also grooved along. The rest of their family and friends enjoyed the surprise performance from the sidelines. Let’s see how long it takes for Mrs. Affleck to record the track and release it as a single.

The three-day affair took place at The Tender Bar star’s Georgia estate (with a gruesome history). They were joined by celebrity friends like Kevin Smith, Matt Damon, and Jason Mewes, who festively stuck to the all-white dress code. The dynamic duo is now on their second honeymoon in Lake Como, Italy, where they are soaking up some much-needed time alone after their first familymoon in Europe involved some of their blended family.

Once they return to the U.S., the couple will be settling down in their rented estate (home to Mariah Carey’s ex-fiancé James Packer) while they renovate Lopez’s Bel-Air home to accommodate their five children. It will be fascinating to watch the second chapter of their lives together, especially since the first time around didn’t go as planned.

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