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Michael Jacksons’ Daughter Paris Jackson Breaks Down Habits She Kicked to Become Her ‘Happiest’ Self

At 24 years of age, Paris Jackson is undergoing a transformation in her life. She feels comfortable in her own skin and is willing to talk about those vulnerable times that have sometimes played out publicly. As the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, she isn’t shying away from those tough topics, she’s openly discussing how it’s made her stronger.

Paris admitted to Spin magazine that she sees herself as more of a songwriter than a singer, but she revealed that the fans’ reaction to her music makes her feel “full, complete, and purposeful.” That’s the feeling she’s also taking into her personal life as she’s now the “the happiest and healthiest” she’s ever been in her life. That didn’t just happen overnight, it required that she put in the work to make some major lifestyle changes.

The young musician prioritized her therapy appointments to keep her mental health in check, she took up rock climbing at a gym, and shifted from a “very nocturnal” sleep schedule to one that allows her to see some daylight. Another big shift was quitting her smoking habit where she was polishing off half a pack per day. These small changes have reaped some big rewards in her overall well-being. “When I look in the mirror, I don’t hate what I see anymore, and I’ve grown into self-love…I try to treat myself kindly,” she shared. “I have some bad days where I’m not as kind to myself as I would like to be…I don’t do anything perfectly, but I try to progress daily.”

Her free time is now spent listening to live music, painting, and watching horror or fantasy films. She’s also found a way to set healthy boundaries with friendships and quit her people-pleasing habit. That freedom has allowed Paris to relish in her creativity and be the best version of herself — something her dad would be so proud of.

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