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Nicole Kidman Looks Ready For Her Action-Star Closeup With Ripped Bicep Muscles

At the age of 55, Nicole Kidman continues to stun her fans with not only her amazing talents onscreen, but also her fitness level. Her latest photoshoot has everyone wondering where she’s been hiding those ripped bicep muscles all of these years — she looks strong and fabulous. 

Kidman has always prioritized fitness in her personal life — she ran throughout her pregnancy with daughter Sunday in 2014. However, this Perfect magazine cover photo has her looking ready for an action-star role. (See the photo HERE.) Does she have something in the works that we don’t know about? Wearing a funky red wig that looks like it’s leftover from Blade Runner, Kidman sported a crop top and miniskirt from Diesel that showed off her long legs. Yet the fashions take a back seat to her biceps which are ripped and ready for primetime.

The Big Little Lies actress revealed to The Los Angeles Times that “variety” is the key to her fitness secrets. “If you think you are going to wake up and run five miles every morning for the rest of your life, you’ll get bored and hit the snooze button after a week,” Kidman explained. “So I try and mix it up with sports, running, yoga and even just going for a walk with my husband and the kids.” Now we just need to know what her weight-training regimen is because those muscles are ready for some Rambo-sized action.

Kidman notes that, of course, there aren’t any short cuts when it comes to wellness, it’s all about making “health, fitness and nutrition an important part of your life” because “ultimately your health, both physical and emotional, is the basis for everything.” That’s some sound advice from The Prom star, now we just need Hollywood to catch up and give her an action franchise.

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