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Salma Hayek Has Nothing But Praise For Angelina Jolie Amid Difficult Turn in Brad Pitt Divorce

Angelina Jolie has had a lot on her plate recently with helping her oldest daughter Zahara get off on the right foot at Spelman College and working on her latest film. And then, there are the ongoing legal battles with ex-husband Brad Pitt, which have generated numerous headlines.

A gal could probably use some support, not only personally, but publicly as well during a time like this. That’s exactly what Salma Hayek did in a recent interview with Deadline, praising Jolie’s skills as a director. The duo just wrapped Without Blood, co-starring Demián Bichir, and from the sounds of it, Hayek had an incredible time on set. Calling her “the best director” she’s ever worked with, the 55-year-old actress shared that Jolie is the reason she’s so proud of the project. “I absolutely loved working with her; enjoyed every second of it. It’s a tough piece but it was so delicious to come to work every single day,” Hayek gushed. “She is a genius and I think this might be her best movie yet. She did an amazing job, really.”

The women formed a solid friendship working on the Eternals together, and they traveled with their children, along with a few fun stops for sightseeing, during the international press junket. Hayek might have some insight as to how Jolie is handling the stressful news, so a little praise probably goes a long way — and don’t worry, she had a lot more to say about her talented friend. “I was completely blown away by her mind, her dedication, her technical knowledge, and her control of every aspect, as well as her vision which is so clear,” Hayek added. “She is so good with the actors, so passionate, and so focused. But most of all, I was blown away by her kindness to every single person on the set. I talked about this with my co-star Demián Bichir and we were saying, ‘Wow, she’s really something.’”

There’s no doubt that Hayek has the Oscar winner’s back as she navigates through the legal waters of her long-running divorce from Pitt. It hasn’t been easy, but perhaps having a shoulder to lean on during difficult times is exactly what Jolie needs right now.

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