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Emma Watson Took Us Back in Time to 2010 With This Edgy Version of Her Iconic Haircut

Emma Watson‘s new Prada campaign just rewound us back to 2010 in the most unexpected, sexiest way! Watson is embracing an old haircut of hers, but with an edgier twist that we can’t stop fawning over.

On Aug 19, Prada Beauty posted a photo from their new campaign, and Watson is literally glowing in it! They posted the viral photo with the caption, “Emma Watson is Prada Beauty.” They added, “Our muse is more than just a muse. More than just a face. More than the perfect embodiment of the Prada woman. She’s the epitome of female modernity, a celebration of female multi-dimensionality across the world. Discover the face, and heart, of Prada Beauty’s new fragrance now.”

See the photo HERE.

In the photo, we see the Little Women star rocking minimalist makeup, specifically simple yet effective eyeliner, and bushy brows. She’s wearing an orange top, Prada earrings, and of course, the iconic haircut everyone is talking about. We remember when she chopped off all of her hair back in 2010 to separate herself from her Harry Potter character, telling Vanity Fair that “It’s the sexiest I’ve ever felt.” It was a wispy, delicate, and feminine pixie cut that everyone couldn’t stop staring at!

Fast forward to 2022, and she brought back the iconic haircut, but this time, with a bit more edge! She let her hair grow out this past decade, rocking a shoulder-length bob many try to emulate. But now, with this pixie cut, Watson is embracing her rebellious side even more with a shaggy, sexy pixie cut with a blunter chopped look throughout. And we’re in love with the look!

However, it’s unknown if this was just a wig or her new haircut when she worked on the campaign a couple of months ago. Either way, we love that she’s embracing her past, iconic looks again for this campaign.

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