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Sofia Vergara’s Latest Sparkling Mirror Selfie is Channeling Peak Old Hollywood Glamour

Sofia Vergara‘s latest mirror selfie proves she can pull off anything and that she was made for rocking Old Hollywood glamour. On Aug 11, Vergara posted another sparkling, sexy mirror selfie for all her fans to adore with the simple caption, “Ready for tonight’s show! Only 2 contestants will make it today!!❤️❤️ #AGT @xivkarats @pasqualebruni @dena_kemp💎💎.”

In the photo, we see Vergara in head-to-toe jewels, from her rings to her dramatic drop earrings. She’s letting her loose curls hand down, barely touching her gorgeous white silk and black gown. Now, we’ve gotten some Jessica Rabbit vibes from her selfies before, but this one screams Old Hollywood glamour.

Truly, Vergara can pull off anything, from vibrant bikinis to glittering, glamorous gowns. In a previous interview with InStyle, Vergara talked about how she adores personal style over fashion, noting Sophia Loren as her inspiration. Vergara spoke about how she swears by clothing that naturally highlights her curves, noting that she’s “always in high heels.”

She added, “Sophia [Loren] knows what looks good on her. She is always very glamorous and well put together. She dresses for her body type, which for me is very important. Sometimes people tweet, ‘Why is she [Vergara] always in the same kind of mermaid dresses?’ Well, it’s because that’s what looks good on me. It holds my boobs. There are many dresses that are spectacular on a model, but I can’t pull them off. I wear what’s right for me.”

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