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Paulina Porizkova Shuts Down the Notion That Older Women Need ‘Fixing’ With an Empowering Selfie

Paulina Porizkova just shut down another ageist notion, like always, with class, style, and powerful words. On Aug 12, Porizkova recalled the tale of a cosmetic surgeon who said what they’d do if Porizkova came in for a consultation. “I found this photo, which I have posted here before, (and thought I looked great in) reposted here on IG by a cosmetic surgeon, and discussing in detail what I needed done,” she said. “(It has since been deleted- I was looking for it this morning to post the repost).”

But she wasn’t having it. Porizkova said, “This is what an older woman in the public eye gets to deal with. I’m told my face needs “fixing.” It has somehow gone “wrong” by aging. Is it any wonder that most of us who have the means will resort to some forms of fixing what we’re told is broken?”

She added, “For the record, I have had laser treatments. And the plasma pen. I’d like to strike a balance between being proud to look my age and still get to feel pretty at times. In my job, I’m faced with my own face in almost unnatural detail – and although I have come to accept most of it, I still have a rough time accepting it all.”

“But telling a woman what she “needs” to do herself in order to be seen as attractive, whether it’s hair color, makeup, skin creams, or clothing – or the more invasive options – is shaming her. Every time you catch yourself thinking or saying, “you know, you should…” to a friend, stop for a moment. If she doesn’t ask for help, are you really helping?” she ended it by saying, “Find what you think is beautiful in your friends and point it out. The best way to support one another is to celebrate what is already there.”

In the photo, we see the gray-haired, blue-eyed beauty showing off her gorgeous, glowing self to her fans. Now many of Porizkova’s friends and fans came to her side, defending both her and the powerful words she said. Former ANTM judge Nigel Barker said, “You can’t fix perfection. Which is what we all can be if we allow ourselves the compassion to believe xx” and supermodel Helena Christensen added, “That surgeon needs double eye surgery.”

This type of content Porizkova mentioned has gained a lot of negative attention within the past few weeks. Quite a few cosmetic surgeons create content where they point out what kind of procedures they would do on different celebrities. Most recently, Twitter blew up when one surgeon did this content with Stranger Things star Natalia Dyer as the subject of the video. 

But Porizkova’s empowering selfie reminds everyone that you should remind your friends (and yourself) how beautiful we are. And that’s a lovely message to bring to the world.

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Paulina Porizkova

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