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Ben Affleck Reportedly Experienced a ‘Whole New Level’ of Paparazzi Attention on His Honeymoon With Jennifer Lopez

Following their surprise Vegas wedding, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck set off to Paris for their honeymoon. While the couple enjoyed walking the cobblestone streets of the romantic city, it almost felt like we got to enjoy the trip too, thanks mostly to a slew of paparazzi photos of the couple. But between the two celebs, Affleck was reportedly not at all a fan of the prying cameras that followed him and his new wife everywhere they went.

“Ben was a little freaked out in Paris. This was a whole new level,” a source shared with Page Six of the number of cameras Affleck and Lopez saw every time they stepped foot outside their luxurious Parisian hotel. The insider even called it “an almost Princess-Diana level,” of scrutiny.

“Ben is used to the flashing lights,” the source noted, “but he felt that the honeymoon was a tsunami. Jen’s made out of steel and knows it comes with the territory [but] he still gets pissed off.” Honestly, we really can’t blame Affleck for feeling incredibly uncomfortable when it comes to paparazzi, especially considering the couple’s own history with pervasive media attention.

Back in the early aughts, during the Bennifer 1.0 days, Affleck really struggled with the level of attention he and his then-fiancée faced. It seemingly contributed to the end of their engagement in January 2004. These days, however, the couple is incredibly reticent to disclose any details regarding their life together — save for a few social media posts on Instagram, and sweet anecdotes in interviews. But they’ve definitely learned how to navigate this “tsunami” of attention this time around. As the source noted, J.Lo is accustomed to this type of scrutiny, and the couple has been through this before. This time around, we’re hopeful they can be there to support one another and hold each other up as the cameras flash.

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