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Your Tween’s Next Book Obsession Is Heading to Disney+ & You Can Buy a Copy for Under $10 on Amazon

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We love the idea of the next generation of burgeoning bookworms exploring new worlds and immersing themselves in fantastical stories. With the latest news that Disney+ is giving yet another beloved novel the TV series treatment, we couldn’t imagine a better time to dive back into one early aughts book that will surely become your tween’s next obsession. Eragon is already in development at Disney+, but before production on the adaptation of the fantasy novel gets underway, you can buy the book right now for under $10 on Amazon.

Before we dive into what this book is all about, let’s fill you in on that exciting TV news. According to Variety, a live-action iteration of Eragon is in early development at Disney+. The novel is the first in author Christopher Paolini’s fantasy series, The Inheritance Cycle, which features three more novels after Eragon. The author confirmed the news on Twitter, as well. Why all the excitement? Well, one skim of the novel’s plot and we’re sure you’ll be intrigued.

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'Eragon' by Christopher Paolini $8.34 on Buy now Sign Up

Eragon tells the story of the titular young farm boy, who finds an egg that eventually hatches, welcoming a dragon Eragon names Saphira. With the help of his mentor Brom and his strengthening bond with Saphira, Eragon learns to become a Dragon Rider — an ancient people once thought to have been completely wiped out by the tyrannical king Galbatorix. It’s up to Eragon and Saphira to restore freedom to the land of Alagaësia, and defeat Galbatorix once and for all.

Sounds like Eragon is perfectly written for the book-to-screen adaptation. Originally published by Knopf in 2003, the novel has long been a favorite of readers for nearly two decades. After a 2006 film adaptation that left a lot to be desired from audiences and critics alike, perhaps this forthcoming TV adaptation will introduce this fantastical world to a whole new generation. Right now, you can get the novel on Amazon for just $8.34, so don’t wait — your young reader won’t be able to put this novel down.

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