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Salma Hayek & Angelina Jolie’s Low-Key (& Adorable) Friendship Just Took a Major Step

Some co-stars have an amazing on-screen chemistry that we can’t get enough of, making it even sweeter when they’re BFFs in real life. Get ready because Eternals stars Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie have one of the sweetest, most respectful celebrity friendships we’ve come across. Not only have they been co-stars, but now they’re taking on a new dynamic, and Hayek has nothing but good things to say about Jolie.

In a previous interaction with People, Hayek revealed Jolie is the “best director” she’s worked with, and we don’t know a higher compliment than that from the Oscar-nominated actress. “She is probably the best director I have ever worked with, and I have worked with some pretty good ones,” she said, referring to the film Without Blood. “I’ve always loved her as a director, but I think this might be her best or one of the best.”

Jolie’s newest film Without Blood is based on the 2002 novel by Alessandro Barrico, which will revolve around war, trauma, and healing. We’re already itching to see it, especially since it’ll be starring Hayek and A Better Life star Demián Bichir.

In the same interview, Hayek revealed she was hesitant about working a new dynamic with Jolie. “There’s always hesitation: Am I putting my friendship in jeopardy right now?” she said. “And wow, I have a whole other level of respect [for her].”

Ever since Jolie and Hayek starred alongside one another in the hit Marvel film The Eternals, their friendship has only grown stronger and stronger. Last year, Jolie even celebrated Hayek’s 55th birthday with her, slamming her face into the cake and everything! We’re obsessed, and we can’t wait for more updates on this iconic duo.

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