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Tom Brady (Reluctantly) Pulled Off a Seriously Sexy James Bond Emerging-From-the-Ocean Moment

Tom Brady is returning to the football field this fall, but he’s already thinking about his retirement life and working his brand hard beyond the NFL. That means doing whatever it takes to sell his new Brady swimwear line, which will be available beginning July 28.

The hilarious Instagram Reel shows the athlete going through an assortment of items from his fashion line. That’s when a voice off-camera mentions to Brady that he needs to do a social media video to promote the launch. “I was thinking maybe we do the Bond-coming-out-the-water shot?” they asked. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback emphatically says, “No,” twice, but before you know it, he’s in the ocean replicating that sizzling Daniel Craig moment from Casino Royale.

That’s when the Bond theme music begins to play and Brady does his own version of the charismatic spy in his new swim trunks — yes, muscles and all. His Brady Brand social media team was working overtime on the launch because they made sure to comment, “Daniel Craig has 24 hours to respond.” While there is no word from Craig just yet, perhaps the Broccoli family, the heirs who control the James Bond film franchise, will get inspired to make Brady the new Bond (probably not). However, Brady did joke in his caption, “These are the requests they don’t tell you about when you’re starting a clothing brand…”

The football star appears ready for his close-up off the football field, which makes us wonder if Hollywood will come knocking next.

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