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This Honorary Irwin Family Member Just Gave Their Newborn Giraffe a Unique Name — & Social Media Is Losing It

Now we all know and adore the Irwin family. From Terri to Robert, Bindi to Grace, the Irwin family will forever be one of the sweetest families in the public eye. It seems like we know everything about the Irwin family, except for one thing: Paris Hilton is an honorary Irwin family member. And in another turn of events, she named the Irwin’s newborn giraffe Princess Lasagna Baby.

It’s true; per the Daily Mail, the heiress became an Irwin family member after being a part of Uber Eats’ “Tonight I’ll Be Eating” campaign in May 2022. Terri said to Pedestrian, “We were delighted to welcome Paris into the family. While she may not be cut out for zoo work, there’s no doubt she’s a business powerhouse and will help us share Australia Zoo’s conservation message with a whole new audience.”

Robert added that they have “more in common [with Paris] than you might think.” He added, “We’re both big, big animal lovers. It’s been really really really fun to create this unlikely friendship with Paris. And hopefully, one that will continue, and when she comes back to Australia, I’m sure we’ll definitely catch up.”

Now onto the name: Princess Lasagna Baby. Paris is always one for the unique, and we are obsessed with this name. Princess Lasagna Baby has become a bit of a fan favorite at the Australia Zoo, with many adoring the name.

One Twitter user wrote, “Changing my name to Princess Lasagna Baby and petitioning to be adopted by @ParisHilton 🦒.” Another Twitter user added, “I love Princess Lasagna Baby she is perfect no notes.”

Truly, we love the name, and we’re hoping to see a snapshot of the newborn giraffe with little Grace Warrior in the future.

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