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Paulina Porizkova’s Naked Bedroom Snapshot Has a Deeper Message About Love & Loneliness

Paulina Porizkova sure knows how to get a message across. She draws her followers in with a gorgeous snapshot, but then hits everyone over the head with a powerful caption that really strikes a chord with so many people.

In her latest Instagram post, the 57-year-old supermodel is lounging on one side of the bed with a comforter artfully draped over her naked body. She looks coyly at the camera with perfectly mussed hair and her toned leg peeking out from the covers. Yes, she wants you to take a look at the beautiful picture, but she also wants you to think about grief, love, loss and loneliness at the same time (it’s a two-for-one special).

She doesn’t mention ex-husband Ric Ocasek by name, but it’s clear that despite their differences before his passing, she’s still grieving his loss. “I still sleep only on one side of the bed. After almost an entire lifetime of sharing my space with someone else, I’m still keeping it open – for someone else,” she wrote. Porizkova added that “humans are pack animals” who “thrive in company and wither with loneliness.” She then lists off reasons why it’s OK to discuss “our emotional needs” as humans because there is “more strength in sharing.”

Of course, the mom of two isn’t going to end the serious discussion on such deep note, she added in a little humor to remind anyone looking to slide into her DMs that this wasn’t the moment. “Gentlemen,” she summed up. “This is not a call for your company- or a dating site- I’m merely making a point.” Read the room, gentlemen, read the room.

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