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Ivanka Trump Recalls Mom Ivana Trump Prodding Her to Wear More Revealing Clothes in Funeral Speech

Ivana Trump was laid to rest on Wednesday, July 20, with her family, and her ex-husband Donald Trump, in attendance. During the service, the former New York City socialite’s adult children eulogized their mom and shared memories about growing up with such a colorful character in the household.

Ivanka Trump’s memories of Ivana show how vastly different their personalities are — Ivana was brash and larger than life while Ivanka leans more conservative in her manner of speaking and certainly, her wardrobe. The 40-year-old mother of three mentioned how her choice of clothing was often a point of contention between them. It wasn’t the usual mother-daughter fight over a teen wearing inappropriate clothing for their age, it was Ivana’s “flaunt them while you’ve got them” philosophy that Ivanka rejected. The former White House advisor noted in her speech, via The New York Times, “My miniskirts weren’t mini enough.”

Ivana’s heyday in the public eye was during the feel-good era when Wall Street was booming, fashion was wild, and the Trumps were the toast of the town. That festive atmosphere isn’t seen nor felt in 2022, so it’s probably why Ivanka talked about her mom teasing her for coming home from a St. Tropez party at 1 a.m. while Ivana “stayed till 4 a.m.” The Baby Boomer outlasted the elder Millennial on the European party circuit.

What probably resonated with Ivanka the most was her mom’s solid advice “to study hard, to work hard, to comport myself with dignity and good manners and to never, ever marry a man with a bad back. It took me years to understand the last one.” Ivanka is definitely leading a more conservative life than her mother as the wife of Jared Kushner, so the life lessons she’s passing on to her daughter probably won’t be about shorter hemlines.

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