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Phoebe Robinson Reveals What Changes She Made to Her Face & Body Before Shooting Everything’s Trash

If you spend an afternoon scrolling celebrity accounts on social media, it can get frustrating because everyone just looks flawless. That’s what Instagram wants you to believe, but there’s a reality to the entertainment industry — nobody is perfect, and it does take some work behind the scenes to prepare for a new TV or film project.

Phoebe Robinson, the star, writer, and executive producer of Freeform’s Everything’s Trash, is revealing what she did to get camera-ready before she started filming. In an essay for ELLE, she confidently explained why she wanted to make this transformation happen on her terms, and her reasons are spot on. “I had achieved this dream, so I wanted to look like the person who manifested it,” she wrote. The 37-year-old actress then listed what changes she made to her face and body — and it’s a rather refreshing take.

She had already joined the cult of Peloton during the pandemic, so that major item was already checked off the list. However, she did succumb to the Hollywood detox craze where she “ate lots of porridge and greens and pooped several times a day.” Robinson promised that it wasn’t about losing weight since she had already added strength-training to her exercise regimen — it was more of a healthy food reset for her. The comedian then addressed her teeth and headed “to the dentist for the first time since high school” for a major mouth overhaul. Likening the color of her teeth to “Sherwin-Williams’s off-white paint swatches,” Robinson endured the “two-week process of professionally whitening [her] teeth.”

While her physical transformation was important to her, there was one particular thing she did for her mental health before her big debut: “set boundaries.” She was incredibly “appreciative of this opportunity” so she wanted to “cherish and savor every moment.” What that meant for her was to protect her entire physical and mental well-being because the makeover was for her, the moment was for her — and not anyone else.

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